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Carson's Corner Has Joined the Cage Junkies Radio Network.
October 10, 2011 05:30 PM PDT

We will keep this site open for our pre-Cage Junkies shows. However, from now on, our shows will be stored on http://cagejunkies.com

For several years, Bob Carson’s weekly program “Carson’s Corner” has received recognition as one of the top alternative Mixed Martial Arts themed shows currently in production.

In that time, Carson, who has developed a reputation for speaking his mind regardless of the circumstances, has received national recognition in several prominent MMA themed magazines and has grown to be a name synonymous with the sport itself.

Carson will be bringing his nationally recognized show to the Cage Junkies Radio Network starting Thursday September 22.

In his first episode, Carson will air interviews with long time MMA veteran Vladimir Matyushenko and Cage Junkies Radio Network head Jay Pagliaro.

“When we set out to form the Cage Junkies Radio Network, it was the goal of all of us to bring on the best MMA themed radio programming to the table,” Pagliaro said. “When Charles McCarthy approached me to consider Carson’s Corner, I felt it was a great opportunity to help us take a major step forward in prominence. I’m a fan of Carson’s approach, a fan of Carson personally and I think combining Carson’s Corner with the show I host with Heath Herring; we have unlimited potential in terms of our prospective growth.”

Carson’s show will air every Thursday from 8-9 PM Eastern Time

Larson meets Carson at a career crossroads
September 11, 2011 01:53 PM PDT
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Brock Larson made a name for himself in the MMA world with an incredible 12-1 streak of fights between 2006 and 2009, including a stint as one of the most dominant champions in WEC history.

Now, after a recent upset loss to Eric Davila in under 10 seconds which shocked fans and analysts alike, Larson has come to a critical point in his career. Will he regain the form which brought him the title? What happened against Davila that caused such a quick KO, and can anything other than "keep your hands up" be learned from such a fight? Is he someone who needs to come out and take control from the opening bell in order to fight most effectively? Did any of his setbacks cause him to feel like he had lost his way as a fighter? Larson joins Carson in this candid and honest interview which sees him spell out where he think things went wrong and how he plans to get back on track.

In addition to discussing the future of his fight career, Brock takes some time to reflect with Bob on his background and greatest in-ring moments. Would he seriously have hurt Kevin Knabjian if their fight hadn't been stopped as Carson suggests? How much damage has the movie "Fargo" done to the reputation of Brainerd natives internationally? This may be the most complete interview of Larson's career courtesy of hall-of-fame host Bob Carson.

After talking to Brock and giving his thoughts on the weekend's Klitschko-Adamek/Strikeforce events, Bob welcomes Grandmaster Frank Dux back to the show for an update from the martial arts ambassador. What has "The Secret Man" been working on since he and Bob last sat down together? Carson and the kumite champ handle business as usual!

Billy Dee Williams returns!
September 03, 2011 06:37 PM PDT
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Billy Dee Williams is BACK!

AMA Fight Club prospect Billy Dee Williams made national headlines in April when he donated the purse from his pro debut to a teammate ailing with cancer. Carson's Corner covered the story and tens of thousands of you tuned in to hear Billy and Bob discuss Scott Fairlamb's struggle for cancer and the efforts by his team mates and friends to help him with his medical bills.

Now Billy Dee Williams is BACK on Carson's Corner to talk about how the fight itself went down. Did the huge nature of the story add any additional pressure in the ring? How has he adjusted his training and refocused himself? Billy Dee is blunt when addressing his frustrations about his own performance during the fight and his plans for redemption when he next steps into the cage on October 22nd.

In addition to an update on Scott - who plans to have a boxing match soon! - and analysis of his own career, Billy provides Bob with the inside scoop on events involving AMA fighters, including recent displays of heart in thrilling fights by brothers Dan and Jim Miller, plus the recent arrival of Jamie Varner at the team and the intense sparring sessions which have been the result.

Billy is fired up for his next fight and vows "NEVER AGAIN" to make the same mistake!

"Chainsaw" Charles McCarthy is back!
August 19, 2011 04:00 PM PDT
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Fans have been posting and e-mailing about a new Carson's Corner interview with Charles McCarthy for some time, and Bob Carson delivers the goods with this episode in hall-of-fame fashion!

Bob and Charles spoke shortly before his fight with Michael Bisping all the way back at UFC 83 more than fifty events ago. Since then, a huge amount has changed in the life of The Chainsaw both personally and professionally and this in-depth update will give you all the details on his life after retiring as an active fighter. How has he adjusted to life outside of the cage? How permanent is his decision to step away from fighting, and how often is he tempted back (if ever)? What does he think of other fighters from the early days of the sport now struggling financially due to their inability to adjust to a more normal life? Does he have any advice for others contemplating retirement? Charles shares his experiences and perspective on walking away from fighting the right way.

Chainsaw also has a huge amount of expertise and knowledge as a competitor, trainer and grappler and he shares plenty of it during this discussion. As someone who fought Bisping, what does he think of his old foe's disproportionately criticized foul on Jorge Rivera and subsequent complaints by "Ranger Up" members, and did they cross the line? Would it be fair to call Charles a somewhat sadistic grappler? What does he think of "trolling" on the MMA forums? What about his new Cage Junkies website venture?

There's more in this interview than can possibly fit into this mailout. McCarthy is one of the most thoughtful and discerning athletes associated with the sport of MMA to date - check it out!!

To listen to the show, click here:

Show website:

Charlie Brenneman!
August 12, 2011 02:51 PM PDT
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Charlie Brenneman is fresh off a huge upset of Rick Story in a UFC main event, and now the streaking prospect joins established MMA media veteran Bob Carson to discuss his emergence as a top contender.

As well as going over his background as a teacher, athlete and reality show contestant on Pros vs. Joes, Brenneman gives Bob his first-person take on his most significant in-ring moments to date - including the controversial Story kimura standup and the recent fan backlash against wrestling-based fighters.

But Brenneman also has a huge fight with Anthony "Rumble" Johnson coming up as well, leading he and Bob to look to the future and break down Johnson as an opponent plus the style matchup as a whole. Does Brenneman think Johnson lacks discipline outside the cage? What about his promises for a standup war that never came to fruition against Dan Hardy?

Tune in to hear from "The Spaniard" directly, then stick around to get the latest MMA news direct from Carson himself, - including the launch of Shannon Ritch and Miesha Tate's new game for Apple mobile devices and a referee seminar with Mario Yamasaki that featured some intriguing comments from the veteran UFC official!

Anthony Njokuani on Carson's Corner!
August 01, 2011 07:45 PM PDT
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Muay thai MMAist Anthony Njokuani is fresh off a striking clinic vs. dangerous Brit Andre Winner and now looking ahead to a November matchup in the UK against Paul Taylor in a fight that promises technically sound fireworks!

Njokuani recently fought his way into Carson's Pit to give the hall-of-fame host his first person perspective on both the Taylor and Winner fights, not to mention the martial arts journey which brought him to the UFC and scored three consecutive "knockout of the night" bonuses in the WEC along the way.

What was going through Anthony's mind as his limbs repeatedly struck Winner's face and body? Does he think he could be the first man to finish the Scouse fighter they call "Relentless"? Did he ever use his muay thai skills against the bullies whose abuse directly inspired his initial self-defense training?

Njokuani is a rising star now joining one of the world's top ten audio shows. Be there!

After talking to Anthony Bob wraps up the second half of his entertaining and enlightening interview with ESPN and Sherdog writer Jason Probst, making this another content-rich edition of Carson's Corner which you should definitely check out.

Part 1 of Jason Probst.
July 23, 2011 05:01 PM PDT
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On this episode of the show, freelance writer Jase Probst joins HOFer Bob Carson for a wide-ranging discussion that touches on his upbringing in the mists of Yelm. his history as a combat sports journalist, which individuals from his own profession he respects or reviles and a few tangents which may surprise you.

Have Probst and Carson ingested whatever it was Diego Sanchez had during the "night out in Vegas" misadventure from TUF season 1, or is this an issue which merits more scrutiny? Has the UG "moderation crisis" threatened the forum's relevance? You'll have to tune in to find out!

One thing is for sure: Probst has distinguished himself from the rest of the MMA writing pack and is considered one of the foremost public analysts of the fight game. Click below to hear his take on personalities as diverse as Mike Tyson, Dana White and Carson lifestyle coach Dan Quinn.

In addition to talking to Jase, Carson breaks down Zab Judah vs. Amir Khan and reflects on the untimely passing of singer Amy Winehouse in his own inimitable style.

"It's not for sale, per se...BUT..." Mark Pavelich is back!
July 13, 2011 06:50 PM PDT
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Mark Pavelich's MFC promotion has been grabbing headlines again recently, with everything from news of a new 5 year TV deal with HDNet to rumors of the promotion's sale doing the rounds in the last few weeks. Now head honcho "Big Pav" rejoins hall-of-famer Bob Carson to address each item directly in his inimitable and largely uncensored style!

Pavelich clearly has a lot of belief in himself and his promotion. What were the "frustrations" which caused him to make the initial "for sale" pronouncement? Does he stand by what he posted about being willing to sell the show, or is he simply now willing to entertain meaningful offers for something with more than a decade of hard work behind it? Pavelich is brutally honest when assessing both the competition and his own efforts.

It's not all sale talk, though, because the MFC CEO has a new TV deal and a returning champ at 155 in Antonio McKee to discuss - plus much more! Whatever your feelings about Mark Pavelich on a personal level, it's hard to argue with thirty successful MMA events to date - but whether you're looking for news about upcoming fights or simply require fuel for anti-Pavelich rants on different internet forums you should be highly entertained by this meeting between two of the most colorful characters in combat sports.

Don't miss it!

Monson Part 2.
July 09, 2011 07:33 AM PDT

Hall-of-fame host Bob Carson's first installment of the definitive Jeff Monson interview received attention from all over the world, including several mainstream news publications!

Now PART 2 of Jeff Monson's appearance has been released, fans of MMA should tune in to hear Monson and Carson continue their in-depth discussion of issues ranging from the political to the personal and professional as two of the most interesting personalities in the game take things in a direction rarely heard on combat sports shows.

What does the oft-quoted anarchist really think of American society as it stands now, and how could it potentially be improved? Is his much misunderstood vision of a world without hierarchy attainable, even on a local level? What distinction should be drawn between patriotism and blind loyalty? How does he reconcile his anti-capitalist beliefs with taking money from corporations as forum members and detractors have often demanded to know? Monson is brutally honest yet intelligent and interesting as he responds to some of the most frequent criticisms of his personal philosophy and acknowledges his role in an imperfect system.

After the conversation with Jeff concludes, Carson turns his withering gaze towards the recent Haye vs. Klitschko fight and the world of combat sports in general. DON'T MISS IT!

To listen to the show, click here:



Jeff Monson responds to Stann and more - part one!
July 01, 2011 03:35 PM PDT
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MMA contender Jeff "The Snowman" Monson joins hall-of-fame host Bob "The Thriller" Carson for the most insightful and original discussion of personal and social politics the MMA world has witnessed thusfar!
Tune in to hear Monson respond directly to war hero Brian Stann, who recently opined that Jeff should be made to live in Mexico for his dissent about U.S. domestic and foreign policy. Has Captain Stann failed to understand the nuanced worldview Monson holds? Who wins in a hypothetical matchup with or without Stann's M-16?

Monson has always been one of the most interesting personalities of his era in MMA and this interview sees both host and guest in excellent form. Who fixes the sewers in an anarchic state? Is that a contradiction? Are all of Monson's fight outcomes determined by his ability to secure the takedown? Has he marketed himself and his beliefs in a potentially hypocritical way? Neither man holds anything back in this immensely enjoyable conversation.

Afterwards, hear analyst Bob Carson discuss the potential Toney vs. Shamrock fight, the arrest of Brett Rogers and more!

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