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Part 1 of Jason Probst.
July 23, 2011 05:01 PM PDT
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On this episode of the show, freelance writer Jase Probst joins HOFer Bob Carson for a wide-ranging discussion that touches on his upbringing in the mists of Yelm. his history as a combat sports journalist, which individuals from his own profession he respects or reviles and a few tangents which may surprise you.

Have Probst and Carson ingested whatever it was Diego Sanchez had during the "night out in Vegas" misadventure from TUF season 1, or is this an issue which merits more scrutiny? Has the UG "moderation crisis" threatened the forum's relevance? You'll have to tune in to find out!

One thing is for sure: Probst has distinguished himself from the rest of the MMA writing pack and is considered one of the foremost public analysts of the fight game. Click below to hear his take on personalities as diverse as Mike Tyson, Dana White and Carson lifestyle coach Dan Quinn.

In addition to talking to Jase, Carson breaks down Zab Judah vs. Amir Khan and reflects on the untimely passing of singer Amy Winehouse in his own inimitable style.

"It's not for sale, per se...BUT..." Mark Pavelich is back!
July 13, 2011 06:50 PM PDT
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Mark Pavelich's MFC promotion has been grabbing headlines again recently, with everything from news of a new 5 year TV deal with HDNet to rumors of the promotion's sale doing the rounds in the last few weeks. Now head honcho "Big Pav" rejoins hall-of-famer Bob Carson to address each item directly in his inimitable and largely uncensored style!

Pavelich clearly has a lot of belief in himself and his promotion. What were the "frustrations" which caused him to make the initial "for sale" pronouncement? Does he stand by what he posted about being willing to sell the show, or is he simply now willing to entertain meaningful offers for something with more than a decade of hard work behind it? Pavelich is brutally honest when assessing both the competition and his own efforts.

It's not all sale talk, though, because the MFC CEO has a new TV deal and a returning champ at 155 in Antonio McKee to discuss - plus much more! Whatever your feelings about Mark Pavelich on a personal level, it's hard to argue with thirty successful MMA events to date - but whether you're looking for news about upcoming fights or simply require fuel for anti-Pavelich rants on different internet forums you should be highly entertained by this meeting between two of the most colorful characters in combat sports.

Don't miss it!

Monson Part 2.
July 09, 2011 07:33 AM PDT

Hall-of-fame host Bob Carson's first installment of the definitive Jeff Monson interview received attention from all over the world, including several mainstream news publications!

Now PART 2 of Jeff Monson's appearance has been released, fans of MMA should tune in to hear Monson and Carson continue their in-depth discussion of issues ranging from the political to the personal and professional as two of the most interesting personalities in the game take things in a direction rarely heard on combat sports shows.

What does the oft-quoted anarchist really think of American society as it stands now, and how could it potentially be improved? Is his much misunderstood vision of a world without hierarchy attainable, even on a local level? What distinction should be drawn between patriotism and blind loyalty? How does he reconcile his anti-capitalist beliefs with taking money from corporations as forum members and detractors have often demanded to know? Monson is brutally honest yet intelligent and interesting as he responds to some of the most frequent criticisms of his personal philosophy and acknowledges his role in an imperfect system.

After the conversation with Jeff concludes, Carson turns his withering gaze towards the recent Haye vs. Klitschko fight and the world of combat sports in general. DON'T MISS IT!

To listen to the show, click here:



Jeff Monson responds to Stann and more - part one!
July 01, 2011 03:35 PM PDT
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MMA contender Jeff "The Snowman" Monson joins hall-of-fame host Bob "The Thriller" Carson for the most insightful and original discussion of personal and social politics the MMA world has witnessed thusfar!
Tune in to hear Monson respond directly to war hero Brian Stann, who recently opined that Jeff should be made to live in Mexico for his dissent about U.S. domestic and foreign policy. Has Captain Stann failed to understand the nuanced worldview Monson holds? Who wins in a hypothetical matchup with or without Stann's M-16?

Monson has always been one of the most interesting personalities of his era in MMA and this interview sees both host and guest in excellent form. Who fixes the sewers in an anarchic state? Is that a contradiction? Are all of Monson's fight outcomes determined by his ability to secure the takedown? Has he marketed himself and his beliefs in a potentially hypocritical way? Neither man holds anything back in this immensely enjoyable conversation.

Afterwards, hear analyst Bob Carson discuss the potential Toney vs. Shamrock fight, the arrest of Brett Rogers and more!

Miesha Tate is coming for blood!
June 22, 2011 07:56 PM PDT

Miesha Tate was one of YOUR favorite Carson's Corner guests of the past, and now we've brought her back for a new round of questioning in Carson's Pit!

Tune in not only to hear Miesha's discuss her upcoming Strikeforce co-main event fight and title shot July 30th against Marloes Coenen, but also offer her perspective and opinions on a huge range of subjects relating to her personal life and fight career.

Whether it's giving her thoughts on Overeem vs. Werdum, her professional-level cake decorating abilities or the sexual politics of Team Alpha Male, Miesha Tate's coherent and listenable analysis of combat sports in this interview will surely win her even more fans.

Afterwards Carson gives his thoughts on the latest happenings from the MMA world, the Klitschko vs. Haye "Pizza Face" sensation and much more. This is the number one MMA podcast for a reason! Don't miss it.

Shannon Ritch, Eric Prindle and Dan Quinn
June 17, 2011 11:05 PM PDT
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Shannon Ritch holds nothing back in this new interview, and for support he's bringing the 6'5", 290lb "American Soldier"!

2010 saw mixed results for Shannon, but will 2011 be the next "Year of the Cannon" and rival 2008's string of victories? Shannon is already 3-0 this year. Why does Sherdog refuse to recognize one of those wins?

Tune in to hear Shannon's uncensored thoughts on his newest streak and much more. What does the man with the greatest finishing % in MMA think of the new emphasis on wrestling and recent run of decisions in UFC main events?

Shannon takes the point on this mission but "The American Soldier" is never far behind. With a 7-1 record Prindle is making a name for himself in Bellator and has trained with Brock Lesnar's "DEATHCLUTCH" camp. Who is the strongest person he's ever faced? Do all other MMA fighters have to salute Captain Brian Stann?

Two entertaining finishers go full auto before Maitreya Dan Quinn joins his lifestyle protege Bob Carson to give an update on his own struggles against worldwide ignorance, famine and obesity. It's an incredibly content rich episode of Carson's Corner!

Bruce Buffer on Carson's Corner!
June 09, 2011 03:23 PM PDT
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UFC announcer Bruce Buffer joins Carson on this episode!

Bob Carson discusses UFC 130 and the Skip Hall scandal!
May 31, 2011 12:33 AM PDT

On this episode of the show veteran host and analyst Bob Carson dissects the breaking Skip Hall scandal as only he is able to. Is Skip guilty of lying and threatening the President? Afterwards, find out what "The Thriller" thought of the latest UFC decisionfest and who he believes deserves the blame.

Renegade HoF radio sensation Bob Carson is about to return to New Jersey firing on all cylinders. Could this put asshole Governor Chris Christie into a tailspin from which he never recovers? If holding feet to the fire counted as leglock submissions Bob Carson would be "undefeated" in ways that Sarah Palin only fantasizes about being.

The Carson Comeback continues!

An update on Carson's amazing journey
May 22, 2011 03:27 PM PDT

Bob Carson is better than ever! Tune in to this special personal odyssey edition of the show where the man sometimes known as "The Thriller" sits down to talk to listeners about his weight loss saga before offering his unique perspective on the latest news and rumors from around the MMA world.

What does Bob think about Hermes Franca's arrest? Why is he warning shady UK boxing promoters over recent dubious event results? Does BAMMA deserve any criticism for the recent Tom Watson vs. Ninja Rua fight? Only BOB CARSON covers the entire world of combat sports with such insightful analysis!

Part 2 of Dan Theodore+ Entire Q&A with Dan Quinn.
May 09, 2011 10:26 PM PDT

DAN THE WOLFMAN IS BACK! Surviving his presumed-deadly fall in the grand canyon at the end of the first film, hirsute anti-hero Dan "The Wolfman" Theodore returns in this all-action XXX-rated martial arts self-discovery feature-length interview sequel. Still hot on the trail of the thugs who kidnapped his father in order to steal blueprints for the NEW FordChrysler X6500 "Elite" convertible hybrid minivan, "Wolfman" must balance the pursuit of his own "fighter lifestyle" against the interests of justice and learn to "except" the love of multiple women who occasionally object to the anecdotes he tells about them and other females!

Will THE WOLFMAN continue to build upon the good impression he made in part 1, or will his innovative techniques and openness about his social circle create another wave of internet criticism?

In the opinion of Carson's Corner staff, Dan The Wolfman is one of the all-time greats and already an action star to fans of the No Holds Barred era. Friends and enemies alike should check out PART 2 of our definitive interview and retrospective with the man behind the schoolboy ankle lock who stood up to Taz(z) and won.


This special "double bill" episode of Carson's hall-of-fame show also features your UG and YouTube Q&A with Bob's benefactor DAN QUINN. Will this back-to-back interview bonanaza lead "The Wolfman" and "The First Homo-Stevian" to team up or show down? VOTE NOW

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